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Fastest Way To Build Your Business – Build Your List First

Posted on November 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

BEFORE you even select your business, you MUST learn how to build a list!

As a customer, you’ve experienced what it feels like to WANT to be a customer, perhaps in a retail shop, salon, or favorite restaurant or coffee shop. You like to go where you know the owner or staff, you’re treated well, and they offer you the feeling and service that you want. Because of the experience you have as a customer, you return regularly and tell your friends about the place. You are probably willing to do business at your favorite location even though you can get the product or service cheaper somewhere else. You shop where you get a certain feeling and develop a long-standing loyalty.

Your online list needs to be comprised of loyal followers and customers that you attract and build that same kind of relationship with. You need to have an inviting “feel” about your place of business rather than making people feel like they’re walking into a huge, cold, impersonal box store where no one knows their name and no one cares about THEM. Your online presence is your own personal business that needs to have YOUR personal touch and feel, and that needs to be communicated regularly and often, or your customers will go elsewhere.

Let’s say you start a little romantic cafĂ© and coffee bar. What things would you have to pay attention to if you wanted to attract and build a loyal customer base? and have a successful, profitable business?

LOCATION. You wouldn’t build that type of business in an industrial park or near a recycling center. So where is the “location” feel for your online business? What do people experience when “driving around your neighborhood?” Do they experience trash (spam), and advertisements on your website or in your emails promoting socially unacceptable locations? When people get to your site or blog, make sure you don’t have undesirable ads hanging around that turn people off.

ADVERTISING. If a business can’t afford to do marketing, it can’t afford to stay in business. It’s that simple. If the business is struggling, the LAST thing it should do is decrease its marketing efforts. They should increase.

Retail businesses rely on news paper ads, yellow page ads, bill boards, radio, TV, flyers, mailers etc. The advertising methods are many on the internet. You can select some or many types, but you need to focus initially on a FEW that will produce the fastest results and give you a solid ROI.

PPC Marketing. You might select Pay Per Click ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN, which are those little box ads that you see on the right side of Google when you type in a phrase in the search bar. Advertisers, like you, “bid” on certain key-words that identify the type of product or service they’re promoting, and when a customer searches for that key word, the ad pops up. The highest bidders, always get their ads on the top of the list, so this can become a costly way of advertising unless you’re really good at it.

ARTICLE Marketing. Unless you write well and can use decent grammar and punctuation, you just might be shooting yourself in the foot and actually lose credibility by writing articles. There is a skill-set that successful marketers have developed called “Copywriting.” It’s just a phrase that means that you must learn what people are thinking and speak in terms they understand and then present a compelling offer that entices them to take some sort of action you’re recommending that will benefit THEM.

SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing. This is where you build a list of followers on sites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. Warning! Do NOT think that you can build a list or promote products just by slapping up a post with a product or service link and expect that ANYBODY is going to become a loyal customer of yours. It does NOT work that way. So, unless you thoroughly understand the neuro-linguistic science that goes into effective social marketing, stay away from it for now, or you’ll actually drive people away from you. Before you tackle this, learn to do it the right way and take a course from an expert list builder who knows the secrets of Social Marketing.

VIDEO Marketing. There are about 65,000 videos uploaded to YouTube daily! You can make a video in front of your computer or with a digital video cam, then edit it with the software that’s already on your computer (Microsoft Movie Maker). It doesn’t have to be complicated or a big production. In fact, you want people to get to know YOU, so make it comfortable, fun and easy. Remember, you’re getting people to know, like and trust you. You can purchase a simple web cam at any office supply store and almost all laptops come with a built in one. You can get more elaborate as you grow your business, but the simple approach will work fine in the beginning.

TOOLS YOU NEED In order to build a list, there are some necessary tools you need. You can’t just write down a few names on a piece of paper and stuff them in your rolodex when you’re doing internet marketing. You need high quality, reliable tools, so don’t buy junk! This is your business and you need the right tools.

Landing or capture page. This is a page that pops up with a “fill in the name and email” box that has an enticing or relevant message for the type of customer you want to capture.Some opportunities include capture pages, but to really have your own business, you need to learn how to build your own landing pages. But that’s another topic.

As your online store grows, you’ll develop different capture pages that attract different kind of customers looking for different products or services.An an example, you go into WalMart. One day you need this product, another day you need another. You look at the signs around the store that direct you to the correct location to get the product you’re looking for. And you may not always be looking for the same product.

This is called “List Segmentation.” For instance, if I’m trying to find people interested in an online business opportunity, I advertise a capture page for that opportunity. And if I’m trying to find people who are looking for an online business coach to help them I advertise a link for that landing page. If I wanted to sell dog training courses or products, I’d build a page to capture interested people for that niche. I think you get the picture.

Auto Responder. An autoresponder is one of the most amazing online tools that every online marketer must have. It is not an option. Remember this point, and never forget it. Your list is your single most valuable asset that you can build. Autoresponders help you build, segment and then market to your list. It’s an online system that takes the names from list A and puts them into message sequence for list A, then sends them your pre-written messages automatically and does “drip marketing” on your customers. The amount of different lists and messages you build are unlimited. The seven-figure marketers spend time setting up their marketing system correctly and then once it’s up and running, everything literally happens totally on auto pilot after that. It’s all due to having their auto responder set up properly. Once you get one business up and running successfully, then you can diversity and build another list (Campaign) in the same system and it will automatically market to those contacts with your messages in whatever sequence or time period you choose.

There is a lot to learn with this topic, but believe me. Before you even select your business, you must learn how to build a list! This is your very first step, and without it, you’ll be frustrated and will never see the results you hope for on the internet. On the other hand, I have friends who have 5,000, 10,000 or 100,000 people in their list and you can estimate that each person in your autoresponder is worth $1 dollar per month. Do that math and calculate your own list size and that’ll give you an idea of how much if any money you can expect.

Marketing on the internet is done with words. If you’re going to be a master list builder, you need to develop the highly specific skill of being a copywriter. This is a science and it deals with neuro-linguistic programming and communication. How you craft each sentence is extremely important because you’re using words to make your living. If you don’t master the construction of words, you will not build a big list, and therefore will not build a successful online business. If you’d like a full course on list building,

Keep learning from the best and take action on the day you learn something new. You’ll learn 10 times more quickly that way! To your success.